The image was created by ME-art: a multielectrode recording from a culture of neurons controlling robotic arms moving pens on a piece of paper.

With kind permission from Guy Ben-Ary and Steve Potter.



The Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience at Bar Ilan University was established in 1998. This is the oldest neuroscience program in Israel, and the only one authorized by the Israeli Council of Higher Education to grant a BSc degree in neuroscience.

The Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience has been established with prospect of addressing the rising need in competent neuroscientists engaged in different fields of brain research. The students enrolled in the program acquire solid background in various academic fields pertaining to neuroscience and gain expertise in their field of choice.




Population Responses in V1 Encode Different Figures by Response Amplitude. Ariel Gilad and Hamutal Slovin, JNS 2015.


The visual system simultaneously segregates between several objects presented in a visual scene. The neural code for encoding different objects or figures is not well understood.


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Zaidel, A, Goin-Kochel RP, Angelaki DE, 2015. Self-motion perception in autism is compromised by visual noise but integrated optimally across multiple senses. PNAS.


Menkes-Caspi, N, Yamin, HG, Kellner, V, Spires-Jones, TL, Cohen, D, and Stern, EA, 2015. Pathological tau disrupts ongoing network activity. Neuron.


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