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Combined MSC and PHD Track in Brain Sciences


Program Overview

The combined MSC and PhD track in Brain Sciences includes two main components: completing a set of courses, and conducting a thesis research resulting in a dissertation. The duration of the program is 6 years, and all core courses must be completed within the first two years of study. Students are expected to submit their PhD research proposals during the second semester of the second year, and by the end of the sixth year submit their thesis and complete their final exam.

Formal requirements


The training program includes six mandatory core courses, additional required courses and seminars, preparatory courses, and additional complementary courses.

To bring all students to a common ground in mathematics and biology, every student is expected to complete a set of preparatory courses that is determined according to their own academic background. The preparatory courses must be completed in the first semester of the first year.

Core required courses

  1. Theory of neural networks and computational learning (4+2hrs/week)
  2. Signal and Data Analysis (4+4 hrs/week)
  3. The neurochemical basis of brain processes (4hrs/week)
  4. Neurophysiology (4hrs/week)
  5. Brain and language (4hrs/week)
  6. Normal and pathological cognitive processes (4hrs/week)

Preparatory courses

  1. Mathematics foundations
  2. Scientific programming using Matlab
  3. Introduction to cell biology
  4. Neuroanatomy
  5. Cellular neurophysiology
  6. Neurophysiology of systems

Other required courses, seminars and projects (depending on type of research)

  1. Research topics
  2. Two short-term research projects
  3. Care of laboratory animals
  4. Advanced laboratory course
  5. Weekly seminar